Due to our outstanding collaboration and international network we are able to offer a wide diversity of international inspection services.

The most important ones are introduced here:

Organic program of the EC

The organic program (EU-Bio) of the European Commission regulates the production, processing, trading, inspection and import of organic products.


National programs in Romania

In addition to the EU organic Regulation we inspect the standards for organic production in Romania.


Private organic standards

We are partners of organic farmers associations like Bio Austria, Bio Suisse, Bioland, Naturland, Demeter, Biokreis or Bio Hotels, which are well known within Austria, Switzerland and Germany. We check the private organic standards in combination with the EU-organic inspection.

Each private organic standard has its own focus and can be found here:


The National Organic Program (NOP) is the organic food standard in the USA, put in place by USDA. NOP certified products rely on cycling of resources, promoting ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. Our network partner bio.inspecta, Switzerland will do the inspection and certification for NOP as your partner. >>Link to bio.inspecta<<

Link: National Organic Program

Quality standards (conventional)

Austria Bio Garantie works closely with agroVet GmbH, that inspects and certifies companies according to a wide variety of quality standards in the field of raw materials, food and feed sectors, as well as in the field of renewable energies.