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Austria Bio Garantie GmbH Enzersfeld Sucursala Bucuresti is a branch office of  Austria Bio Garantie GmbH in Romania . It was founded in 2008 and is an independent inspection and certification body. We passed all requirements for application as national and European inspection body for Romania in 2009 and act under the approval of the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture.

Products certified by ABG Enzersfeld Sucursala Bucuresti are identified by our code number: RO–ECO–018.

Austria Bio Garantie supports farmers , processors and traders in the organic sector, helping them to develop sustainability and strengthen their market position. We inspect plant production units as well as animal husbandry farms and many Romanian operators that are especially oriented to the export market. Together with our international network partners we conduct inspections for other quality standards.

The main aim of Austria Bio Garantie is to offer independency, transparency and efficiency of the inspection and certification services. Due to our slim organizational structure and our extended inspection services all our customers profit from the best value for money

Stages of success:

In 2009 the portfolio of ABG Romania included 28 farmers with a total sum of arable land of 5000 ha.

At the end of 2010 the total number of clients has already increased up to 53 (most of them farmers).
In 2011 we have also inspected some new scopes like aquaculture and cosmetics (according to the Austrian Food Standard “Codex Alimentarius Austriacus”).
In 2012 the number of clients rose over 180, with various activities such as vegetal production, animal farms, processors and traders.
In 2013 the growth of client numbers was continuing The number of operators by the end of 2013 was 189 operators out of which 117 farmers, 20 units of aquaculture production, 27 processors and 25 trader including importers.

At the end of 2018 our company certified more than 262 clients.

Our clients and partners are our priority, and we look forward to welcoming you, too, to Austria Bio Garantie in Romania

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Matzenberger Hans

Managing Director Austria Bio Garantie

Mobile: +43 (0) 664 41314 51
Email: [email protected]

Maier Silvia

Managing Director Austria Bio Garantie

Mobile: +43 (0) 664 5409741
Email: [email protected]

Raducan George

Technical Site Manager

Inspector vegetable production, aquaculture
Inspector processing

Telefon: +40 (0) 725 521 235
Email: [email protected]


Silviu Ene

Inspector vegetable production

Telefon: +40 (0) 725 521 234
Email: [email protected]

Ana Maria Petrica

Inspector – vegetable production

Email: [email protected]

Costinel Dumitrescu

Inspector – vegetable production

Email: [email protected]

Ana Tanase

Inspector – processing

Email: [email protected]

Teodor-Laurentiu Busuioc

Inspector – processing

Email: [email protected]

Dirdeci Gabriela

Office Manager

Phone: +40 (0) 730 602 719

Email: [email protected]

Eveline Gebaila


Email: [email protected]

ABG colleagues at International Department in Austria:

The Mission Statement


Austria Bio Garantie is not controlled by outside influences. Based on our impartiality, we provide our services neutrally to all applicants, independent of all commercial or political influences.

Our market position is strengthened by a broad range of services and financial autonomy.


Austria Bio Garantie conducts independent inspections at all levels of the production chain (farmers-processors-traders-import/export) and Austria Bio Garantie makes in the complete inspection chain of organic products sure, that a product is “organic”, when it tells you to be organic. Our inspection makes the difference between “certified organic products” and “pseudo organic products” (conventional products) in terms of declaration and traceability.


By our business and services, ABG contributes a lot to a sustainable cultivation of land ressources, to maintenance of cultural landscape and to a species-appropriate animal husbandry.


Activities of the Austria Bio Garantie support and push forward production methods – which enhance the chance of organic farmers and processors to be successful on the national and international market.


Quality is a main concern in every respect of Austria Bio Garantie. The high quality demands cover continuous training and further education of our staff, as well as inspections, and customer services.

General Terms, Conditions and VAT ID No.

The General terms and conditions are valid between Austria Bio Garantie and the clients.
They are integral part of the concluded contract(s).

Current General Terms and Conditions:
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Old Versions:
General Terms and conditions until 28.03.2016

General Terms and conditions until 08.10.2018

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Since 1998 Austria Bio Garantie has been accredited as certification body for organic products according to ISO 17065 (former EN 45011). Austria Bio Garantie d.o.o. is covered by this accreditation. The range of accreditation is expanded continuously.
Austria Bio Garantie inspects and may also certify companies´ compliance with following regulations:
Council regulation 834/2007 for organic production and labeling
AustrianCodex Alimentarius (chapter A8)

Link to Documents:

Ministry in Romania

Link to MADR

In 2009 Austria Bio Garantie GmbH Enzersfeld Sucursala Bucuresti obtained the identification code for inspection and certification bodies RO-ECO – 018 from Romanian Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry is doing also the annual supervision and is checking the technical as well as human resources capacity for providing inspection and certification services in Romania.

Certificate of approval

The appeals service

Austria Bio Garantie sets a high value on transparency of its procedures.
If any lack of clarity regarding our inspection and certification activities occurs, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our clients have the right to file a protest and appeal against decisions made during inspections, audits and certification. If our services or activities cause any discontent, please inform us in written form. ABG will immediately investigate by a second person.
Please consider that for legal reasons complaints and appeals have to be submitted within 14 days.

Contact: [email protected]